Cornelius Family Law provide clear, strategic advice in all family law / relationship legal matters. We are a specialised firm in Family Law. 



Separation is a difficult time.

Often making decisions regarding the children or division of assets can be clouded by the turmoil separation can bring with it.

Getting the right advice and support is vital at this critical time.

Cornelius Family Law deals with Family Law and relationship matters. We focus on your concerns and provide strategies and options for you so you can get your life back in control.

Every matter is different and requires an approach tailored to your needs. Where possible, we take the approach of strategies to resolve matters by consent. If agreement cannot be reached or is impractical, we can advise as to the best strategy, which Court and what Barrister most suits your needs to achieve the best outcome.

Our team includes an Accredited Family Law Specialist by the Law Institute of Victoria and solicitors that only practice and advise in family law and relationship issues.

We pride ourselves in offering sound legal advice with staff compassionate to your cause, held in a friendly and warm environment to discuss your matter.

Let us help you make an informed decision.